Hello there! My name is

Kliment Andreev

and I am Hands-On Technology Leader / Solution Architect Who Drives Successful Cloud Migrations and Resolves Critical Issues

My Story

As a hands-on technology leader I've built a reputation as the go-to person to provide both cloud and on-premise infrastructure strategies that significantly reduce cost, streamline operations, and improve efficiency. I'm known not only for my extremely deep, comprehensive technical knowledge—but also for my commitment and my willingness to go above and beyond to get the job done.

I realize that large cloud migrations are a business-critical reality in today’s marketplace. But I also realize that those migrations have to be perfectly planned and seamlessly executed to ensure that even the largest migration does not disrupt day-to-day business operations. That’s why I build solid, lasting relationships with the full range of business and technical stakeholders and coordinate major initiatives seamlessly.

In addition, my superior technical knowledge enables me to pinpoint the root cause of complex, business-impacting issues—and then lead rapid resolution.

Finally, I recognize the value that process automation and scripting can deliver to the large enterprise. I’ve leveraged scripting to deliver significant cost savings—while simultaneously improving end-to-end business processes

Solutions Architecture95%
Cloud Migrations90%
Operations Management90%


A snippet of my previous experience and skills, including job titles and company names.


VF Corporation
Sr. Cloud Architect

Develop solutions architecture, drive scope definition and requirements analysis, provide technical expertise

• Designed the architecture for a new AWS account org master structure using hub and spoke architecture with Transit Gateway and a central firewall for east-west and north-south inspection.
• Created numerous high-level and low-level infrastructure diagrams and charts, architectural ADRs (architectural decision records) for naming and tagging standards, security policies (zero trust), storage retention policies, backups, patching, monitoring and alerting baselines.
• Worked with the mobile DevOps teams on refining and simplifying the infrastructure architecture for the mobile app running the frontend on Kubernetes clusters and microservices consisting of numerous API endpoints hosted with different vendors using Mulesoft as an API gateway.
• Designed the non-functional architecture for the new frontend application and worked with multiple outsourced developers, DevOps teams, scrum masters and product owners across the globe on making sure that all the defined performance, monitoring, scalability and availability baselines and architecture follow the architectural decision records.
• Involved in the design and build of the new Azure account using latest hub and spoke architecture, Azure DevOps for CI/CD deployments and Azure AD for SSO.
• Worked closely with the DevOps team on a daily Agile basis and solution architecting all aspects of integration and deployment of infrastructure builds.
• Hands-on proof of concept designs and builds for numerous internal applications moved to the AWS and Azure clouds and presented the concepts to the DevOps teams explaining the architecture, requirements and challenges.
• Worked with many vendors for evaluation on proof of concept cloud technologies for different use cases, such as Zscaler, Tanium, Check Point, Palo Alto etc.

NFL (National Football League)
Sr. Cloud Architect

Design and build of cloud resources, cloud security, new technology developments and automation
• Responsible for helping lead the creation of a technology framework and providing technical expertise in support of NFL IT initiatives in cloud computing and automation, with a focus on the implementation services that run on cloud platforms.
• Responsible for ensuring that critical applications are designed and optimized for high availability and disaster recovery from an infrastructure perspective. This includes assisting in porting and migration of on-prem apps to cloud and ensuring secure and well-designed workflows both hybrid and native.
• Provide senior level engineering work, evangelize best practices, technical lead for NFL cloud end-to-end architectures, including AWS and Azure.
• Designed and implemented a solution for remote vendor access to on-prem resources using AWS Workspaces and Okta MFA with best IT Security practices in mind.
• Involved as infrastructure subject matter expert in a major AI/ML project with AWS Professional Services overseeing the general infrastructure design and deployment.

Director of Cloud Engineering and Architecture

Design and build of both on-prem and cloud resources (IaaS and PaaS), new technology developments, migrations, support of hundreds of AWS / Azure cloud servers.
• Provide system architecture, design, build, configuration, testing, implementation, and ongoing governance of both AWS and Azure cloud environments.
• Serve as a primary hands-on technical point of contact among key business users and technical teams.
• As AWS/Azure subject matter expert, coordinate multiple IT vendors and IT teams and govern all IaaS/PaaS resources.
• Created numerous scripts to automate IaaS resource management (snapshot cleanup, S3 size monitoring, IAM management and more) using Lambda and Azure Automation.
• Worked on numerous proof-of-concepts using DevOps tools, such as Jenkins, Bitbucket, Docker and Kubernetes

One of the key contributors of the ongoing multi-million project of migration from on-prem to the cloud.
• Provide infrastructure architecture high-level and low-level design consisting of network connectivity, backup scripts, AV management, transparent proxy design, build and more.
• Coordinated with multiple architects on integration, application and security aspects of the design.
• Piloted building resources using automation tools such as Terraform and Ansible.
• Coordinated and guided multiple outsourced vendors on the build aspects of the migration.

Worked closely with the vendor engineering team to support Managed Services Provider transition.
• Gathered requirements, provided comprehensive architecture subject matter expertise, wrote documentation and ensured coordination among multiple IT teams. Designed and built new standard templates, artifacts and removal of unused resources prior go live.
• Responsible for inventorying all resources in both AWS and Azure clouds prior to migration.

Served as infrastructure architect/engineer and provided key foundational technical setup and configuration contributions to massive, multi-million CRM project.
• Led and guided engineers on the full range of cloud architecture, design, security, and provisioning issues.

Developed foundational infrastructure—including servers, databases and licensing—to enable 3-month ‘lift and shift’ of 110 heavy eCommerce websites from Verizon to AWS.
• Leveraged AWS capabilities to reduce cost with zero reduction in site reliability.

Manager of IT Operations

Led team of 4 on-prem consultants in operations managing 2 data centers—including servers, OS, hardware and licenses.
• Managed 800+ ESX / ESXi and Hyper-V virtual servers, physical servers and blades and multiple NetApp enterprise storage systems in a multiplatform LAN / WAN environment across several data centers.
• Hands-on management of design and provisioning of all servers in the environment.

Planned and piloted migration of 300+ physical servers to VMware virtualized environment with shared NetApp enterprise storage.
• Configured and networked blades in c7000 chassis. Provided capacity planning, storage creation, and presentation. Worked closely with business stakeholders to address concerns.
• Delivered seamless migration with zero business impact.

Served as a key member in design/implementation of new systems and technologies and leveraged multiple de-duplication technologies—including EMC Avamar and NetApp VTL.
• Provided significant cost savings.
• Delivered zero unscheduled downtime by ensuring full system integration with both old and new storage systems.

Led Windows 2003 upgrade.
• Worked closely with business owners to build consensus and ensure buy-in.
• Personally upgraded 50+ servers to Windows 2008.
• Worked closely with developers on building new servers.

Planned/executed and project managed massive, 4-5 months Ricoh MFP replacement—with 200+ devices at 9 locations.
• Worked closely with vendor, networking, facilities, and client services teams. Provided remote configuration and authored support documentation.

Captured business-impacting, intermittently active worm using custom made honeypot.
• Eliminated workflow interruptions.
• Congratulated personally by the company CIO.

Authored numerous PowerShell, bash, and Python scripts to crawl the enterprise network, search for new devices, monitor AD / DNS environment health, report VMware vCenter metrics, and send daily AIX server capacity reports.
• Streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and grew transparency.

Business Machine Technologies Inc.
System Engineer

Managed over 30 small to mid-size businesses as a field support engineer. Planned, coordinated, and managed a portfolio of technical projects within the assigned business groups. Responsible for leading all aspects of projects from start to finish including technical design and implementation, functional documentation, full project execution, tracking, reporting, rollout and formalized project closure.


• Installation, maintenance and support of centralized MS Windows 2003 servers and MS Exchange 2003 for several CPA offices in New Jersey that consolidated the number of servers and reduced support calls.
• Successful migration from Novel to MS Windows 2003 file server for a large non-profit organization in New York City that significantly reduced their support costs.
• Design and successful deployment of Citrix XenApp servers and Wyse terminals for several mid-size companies in northern New Jersey. Active Directory design and implementation from start to finish for numerous business clients.

Vinyl Building Products, Inc.
Programmer and Systems Administrator

• Installation, configuration, maintenance and support of MS Windows Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2000, MS Exchange 2000 for 100+ users.
• SCO UNIX system administration.
• Programmed and maintained critical business applications using Business Basic.
• All around help desk and customer support (MS Office suite, Lotus Notes Suite and various applications).

My Blog

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